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Dear Parent/s,
St. Andrew’s Parish congratulates you on the birth of your child, and welcomes your request to make your child a member of this Christian community through the Sacrament of Baptism. This is a special time of joy and celebration of the gift of new life. It is a time of great hopes and dreams for the many years of life you look forward to sharing with your child and the other members of your family.
The Parish has its hopes and dreams for each child it welcomes in Baptism - that the child will grow:
  • to appreciate God our Father’s love for everyone,
  • to know about Jesus and come to love Him,
  • to be aware of the Spirit that gives people the power to live in Christ,
  • to want to take part in the life of the Church in this Parish.
We look forward to supporting you and your child in the journey of Christian commitment through the Sacraments of Initiation, i.e. Baptism, Communion and Confirmation, and hope we are all strengthened by prayer, love and service to each other in daily life.
With my own congratulations and best wishes,
Fr. Frank Buhagiar
Parish Priest


First time parents please note: Attendance at a Baptism Preparation session is required. If you are unable to attend the session you are booked in for, you need to attend the next available session. Baptism of your child will not proceed until you have participated in one of the monthly sessions.
Catholic parents who have not completed their Sacraments (First Eucharist and/or Confirmation) have the option to attend a series of workshops with Fr. Frank to receive the Sacraments. These workshops are usually offered before Easter and before Christmas. Please contact the Parish Office on 9741 4144 if you are interested in attending.

  • The Catholic Church requires that at least one of your child’s godparents must be at least sixteen (16) years old, and have received the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation.
  • If the people you choose are of another Christian faith, they will be considered as witnesses. Their name will appear on your child’s Baptism Certificate. Even though they are not Catholics, they are encouraged to join with you in guiding your child’s faith.
  • Young people whom you would like to name as a sponsor, but who do not fit the age requirement, are encouraged to take an active interest in your child’s journey of faith, even though at this stage they cannot be considered mature enough to be a godparent. Their name can NOT be printed on the baptism certificate or appear in the register, but they can sign their name on the back of the certificate if they wish.
  • If the godparent you have chosen is unable to attend the Baptism because of some pressing reason, Godparent by proxy is permitted. The person/s standing as proxy will not have their names recorded as the godparents with all the attendant responsibilities. However, they are encouraged to take an active interest in your child’s spiritual life of faith.
The welcoming of new members into our local Christian community is an important event for the Parish. To enable the Parish to welcome your child, you are asked to attend one of the Weekend Masses (Saturday or Sunday) where you, the child to be baptised and Godparents if they are available, will be presented to the community to be welcomed and prayed for. This is the beginning of your child’s faith journey. The welcoming may occur before or after your preparation session.
You may also like to have your child welcomed at one of the 5 Community Masses:
First Sunday of the Month -10am Our Lady of the Southern Cross
Catholic Primary School
(Wyndham Vale & Manor Lakes)
Second Sunday of the Month -10am Bethany Catholic Primary School
Third Sunday of the Month -10am Corpus Christi Catholic P/S.
(Werribee South/South Central)
Fourth Saturday of the Month -5pm St. John the Apostle P/S.
(Tarneit West)
Fourth Sunday of the Month -10am St. Michael’s Church, Little River
All parents requesting Baptism for their children, are expected to book in and attend a Preparation Session, usually held on the last Saturday afternoon of each month from 2pm - 4pm at the Penola Community Hub, 33 Mortimer St. Werribee.
Both parents, unless you are a single parent, are expected to attend regardless of religion. Godparents, relatives and friends are also invited to attend if they are able.
Children are welcome to attend.
Please be punctual. The session will start on time.
If you are unable to attend, please contact the Parish Office, so that you may be booked into the next available monthly preparation session. You will receive a certificate of attendance after the completion of the session.
Please note: Attendance at a session means that you will not have to attend for future children for 5 years. Your Pastoral Associate will call and do a ‘refresher course’ in that case and bring all the necessary papers for children presenting for Baptism in this period.
You will be handed a Baptism Commitment Form and Evaluation sheet at the end of the preparation session. You will be asked to spend some time thinking about the issues involved and the parental commitment required in having your child baptised. You will be asked to reflect on your own faith commitment and the responsibilities of living out your faith. You then have 3 options:
a). do nothing further if you need more time to reflect on your commitment or you decide not to continue with the Baptism.
b). request an appointment with a Pastoral Associate to discuss any issues which may have arisen for you (phone Parish Office, 9741 4144).
c). book a date for your child’s Baptism.
If you decide to have your child baptised, we ask that you return the completed and signed Baptism Commitment Form, along with the donation in the envelope provided at least one week prior to your child’s Baptism. The above could be returned personally St. Andrew’s Parish Office, 105 Greaves St. North or by mail to St. Andrew’s Parish Office, P.O. Box 872, Werribee, VIC 3030.
Please note: Both parents are asked to sign the consent form. You may arrange a confidential appointment to discuss any problems with this proviso with your Pastoral Associate or the Parish Priest.
Important – Celebration of Baptism during Mass:
To preserve the prayerfulness of the Celebration of the Mass and Baptism, we request that photos will only be taken after Mass is finished. The Celebrant is then happy to re-enact the Baptism for photos after Mass. Please inform your guests who will be in attendance at the Mass. Thank You
It is customary to offer a donation on the occasion of Baptism. As a guide, we recommend $80. We prefer that the donation be placed in the envelope provided at the Preparation Session and returned to the Parish Office with the Baptism Commitment Form , at least one week before the Baptism date.
St. Andrew’s Weekend Mass Times: Eucharist Stained Glass
Saturday Vigil 6pm
Sunday 8am
At all the above weekend masses, celebrations may include a maximum of 4 Welcomings.
Usually held at 12.30pm on Sundays.
A maximum of six (6) families may be booked in for Baptism, i.e. a family may present more than one child for Baptism.