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St. Andrew's Parish Young Adults Group
By His Mercy
The St. Andrew Young Adults Group performed the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday 25th of March 2016. It was a way for us to reflect on Christ suffering and death. It also gave us an opportunity to use our gifts through the art of dance, drama and music to praise and honour Jesus Christ as we celebrated his death and resurrection.
A special thanks to all those who dedicated their time and efforts during the rehearsal process and on the day. Your willingness to respond to Godís call made it possible.
We thank Fr. Frank, Fr. Benneth, Fr. Shymon and the Parish office team of St Andrews for supporting the idea and providing us with the resources to bring this idea to reality.
We would also like to thank all the parishioners who offered their support and came on the night to celebrate Christís passion with us.
We pray that all of you are encouraged in your faith and made bold to share the Gospel of Christ to all. We also extend our invitation to the youths within our church community to join in fellowship with us every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month at 6.30pm and for our Youth Mass every 2nd Sunday of the month at 5pm.
Wishing you and your families a Happy Easter Season. May you feel the love, joy and peace of Christ through his resurrection.
Many Thanks & to God be the Glory,
Margaret Etta
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