Bereavement Support
Bereavement Support  


The bereavement ministry at St. Andrew's

  • Offer initial companionship to bereaved people.
  • Offer bereaved people a safe place in which to share their experience.
  • Offer an opportunity to connect with others, giving and receiving ongoing support.
  • Offer further understanding and appreciation of their experience of bereavement.

"When we experience a loss, a hole opens up inside us. It is almost as if the loss itself ploughs right through us, leaving us gasping for air. We bleed through that opening and sometimes old wounds are re-opened. Things we thought were safe inside, patched up and healed, prove painful again in the wake of the new pain."

Grief is an individual journey, my experience, my pain cannot be compared to another's - it is no greater or less than another's.

For enquiries or further information, please contact the Parish Office on 9741 4144