Boundaries of the Parish of Werribee
A "fence" is used to define the border of a property, whilst a "thence" helps to define the border of a parish..."

The verbal description of the Parish of Werribee is as follows, as decreed on 11th November 1999 by the Archdiocese of Melbourne:

Commencing at the point on the Melbourne-Geelong railway line where it crosses Skeleton Creek, proceed south-westerly along the railway line to a point opposite the southern end of Tarneit Road;
thence proceed to and along Tarneit Road in a generally northerly direction to its junction with Boundary Road;
thence proceed westerly along Boundary Road to the Werribee River;
thence follow the Werribee River downstream (southerly) to the point where it is crossed by the SEC transmission line;
thence follow the SEC transmission line in a south-westerly direction to the point where it crosses Little River;
thence follow Little River downstream (south-easterly) to Kirks Bridge Road;
thence follow Kirks Bridge Road westerly to its junction with the Little River-Ripley Road;
thence follow the Little River-Ripley Road southwards to Toynes Road, and continue southwards along Farrars Road to its junction with Peak School Road;
thence proceed easterly along Peak School Road to its junction with Old Melbourne Road;
thence follow Old Melbourne Road south-westerly to the road (no official name) connecting the Old Melbourne Road to the Princes Freeway near the junction of Beach Road;
thence follow Beach Road eastwards to the Port Phillip Bay shoreline;
thence follow the shoreline in a generally north-easterly direction to the western boundary of the Point Cook RAAF Base;
thence follow the western boundary of the Point Cook RAAF Base northerly to Aviation Road;
thence follow Aviation Road westwards to Hacketts Lane;
thence follow Hacketts Lane northwards to the Princes Freeway;
thence follow the Princes Freeway eastwards to the point where it crosses Skeleton Creek;
thence proceed along Skeleton Creek from the Princes Freeway to the railway line - the point of commencement.
The boundaries run along the centreline of the said creek, freeway, lane, railway line, rivers, roads and transmission lines.
Consequently, all the faithful with a domicile or quasi-domicile within this territory shall belong by law to the Parish of Werribee

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Map of the Parish of Werribee
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