Marriage Ceremonies
  St. Andrew's Parish is glad to celebrate the important moments in the life of its members; Baptism, First Eucharist, Confirmation, Marriage, and to help them prepare for these great experiences. This information is to help you make arrangements that suit you, your families and your friends.


As with all its sacraments, the Parish wants to prepare people both to celebrate well, and to live out in their lives what that sacrament means. So preparation is for the ceremony itself, and for the married life that flows from it.

A number of options are offered. One highly recommended is the FOCCUS Program which is available in this Parish. The cost for the course is approx. $280.
It involves a questionnaire and some sessions between a facilitator and the couple. To book for this program please contact Karen Michelon on 9741 2243. (It is also available from Centacare Family Services – Cost $330 if both partners working, $280 if one partner working, $215 if neither working.)

The date of your wedding will be confirmed when the preparation is done. It is therefore advised to complete it as soon as possible.

When the preparation is completed, you are asked to contact the celebrant to discuss the format of the service, and to complete the necessary papers.

Forms of Service

As a Sacrament, the service begins with the Word of God. The vows are then exchanged and the ring or rings blessed and given. The service concludes with prayers for the couple, the signing of the register and the blessing.

Where appropriate, practicing Catholics may wish to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage within a Mass. This is possible even if one party is not Catholic. However, sensitivity should be shown to the different points of view of the parties and their families and friends so that the ceremony does not seem to exclude its main participants from some part of the celebration. Anyone who has not received the Sacrament of First Holy Communion and anyone who is not Catholic may approach the priest for a blessing but nay not receive the Eucharist.

It is desirable for the couple to shape the service according to their own wishes on consultation with the celebrant, and to involve family and friends, e.g. in reading and in prayer.
Books are made available by the Parish for this purpose.


Couples are welcome to bring their own taped music, CD’s or even their own musicians. The choice of music needs to be discussed with the celebrant for his approval. The following musicians are available and charge a fee for their services.


Cassandra Beckitt
     accompanied by Joseph Beckitt
9742 6947 or 0409 002 091 or
0408 130 136
Andrea Toohey
     accompanied by Denis O'Connor
9741 3026 or 0408 398 760
James Glaubitz & Haylee Antonello
     Acoustic Duo
0410 680 614 or 0402 524 473
[email protected]
Beck Closter
0402 202 431
[email protected] /
Angela Grasso
9375 4723 or 0412 090 858
Donna King
     Opera Singer
0410 602 212
Yvonne Caruana 9749 2005


Arrangements for flowers must be made with Judy McKay Flowers on Ph. 9742 6076 / 9741 9243 or [email protected] one month prior to your Wedding date. If your Wedding date is changed or cancelled, please advise the florist as well. When multiple weddings are booked for a weekend, a compromise needs to be reached re. flower arrangements.


Parties must furnish the celebrant with copies of their Birth Certificate and Baptism Certificate (unless baptised in the Parish of St. Andrew’s).
Notice of Intention to Marry must be signed before the celebrant at least 30 clear days before the Wedding Date.

Visiting Celebrant

The completion of all forms and documents, required by Church and State, is the responsibility of the officiating priest. All Church documents remain at St. Andrew’s Parish. From September 1st, 2005, in view of the new Government regulations concerning Form 15 marriage certificates, St. Andrew’s Parish will not be providing these certificates of marriage. Visiting Celebrants are advised to bring their own certificates.


In principle, all sacraments are offered by the Parish to its members free of charge, so that ability to pay is not an issue. A church wedding is thus the cheapest option, requiring only the couple, two witnesses and the celebrant, welcoming the presence and participation of family and friends recommending the celebration of the occasion afterwards in some other way.

All Parishioners are expected to support the Parish according to their means. In fact many parishioners do this on such occasions as Baptisms and Weddings. So the donation should reflect the need for the Parish to maintain the Church and its surrounds, and the cost of secretarial support in the running of a large and complex Parish. The donation should also reflect the other costs of the wedding.

People who spend many thousands of dollars on the wedding should be equally generous with the Parish.

A suggested donation for the Parish is $600 for administration costs, support of the clergy and includes $100 towards flowers (as supplied by Judy McKay Flowers – if you require additional flowers, this needs to be organised with and paid to the florist directly). If you bring your own celebrant you must offer him your personal offering.

A deposit of $300 is to be paid at the time of booking accompanied by the details form. The balance of $300 is to be paid two months before the Wedding at the Parish Office. A receipt will be issued upon payment.


Saturday   10.30am

Exceptions apply – please confirm the availability of specific dates with the Parish Office.

Dates and time for weekday Weddings are by arrangement with the Priest.


Videos and Photos

The desire of couples for a record of the ceremony is appreciated by the celebrant. This should be done in a way that does not make it difficult for guests to see the ceremony or participate in it, e.g. no extra lights.


The use of confetti or rice is not allowed. It is simply not possible to clean up before the weekend Masses, or before another wedding. Would you kindly inform your guests of this on your Wedding invitations.

PLEASE NOTE: NO ALCOHOL and NO SMOKING permitted on Church grounds.

Further Assistance

If you require further assistance, please contact the Parish Office on 9741 4144 during office hours as advertised on the "Contact Us" page on the website.

On your Wedding Day

Your wedding ceremony is special to you, your family and guests, so please arrive on time. Consider that there may be other wedding ceremonies after your wedding.

We suggest that you nominate either a family member or a reliable friend to collect any items left in the church after your wedding ceremony, i.e. booklets, pew decorations (if you have brought your own), baskets etc. This will save a lot of inconvenience for you and for the Parish Office Staff.

Most importantly - enjoy your special day.