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St. Andrew’s Parish Catholic Primary School Enrolment Policy.
Our Catholic Primary Schools in the Parish of St. Andrew’s Werribee exist to enable the church to carry out its responsibility to provide for the baptised Catholic child a formation in faith, hence priority is given to Catholic children in the schools’ catchment area.
Our Catholic Schools are zoned.
Click here to view the zoning map.
Enrolments into our Catholic primary schools are taken in the following priority.
  1. Baptised children of the St. Andrew’s Parish catchment areas.
  2. Siblings of children already enrolled at our Catholic Primary Schools.
  3. Children from Orthodox religions residing in the catchment area.
  4. Catholic children from other parishes determined by the Parish Priest and Principal.
  5. Other non-Catholic Baptised Christians where a faith environment is sought for the child.
  6. Non-Christians where a need is established following a meeting with the Parish Priest and Principal.

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Primary Schools
Please note that the websites and contact email addresses for the primary schools have recently been changed.
School Bethany Catholic Primary School
Address 80 Thames Boulevard, Werribee
Principal Marlene Monahan
Phone 9749 8500
eMail [email protected]
St Andrew's
School St. Andrew's Catholic Primary School
Address 110 Greaves St Nth, Werribee
Principal Michael Gavaghan
Phone 9741 3686
eMail [email protected]
Corpus Christi
School Corpus Christi Primary School
Address 29 Russell St, Werribee
Principal Linda Roynic
Phone 9741 8440
eMail [email protected]
Our Lady of the Southern Cross
School Our Lady of the Southern Cross Catholic Primary School
Address Cnr Howqua Way & Manor Lakes Blvd., Wyndham Vale
Principal Jennifer Poon
Phone 9974 8500
eMail [email protected]
St. John the Apostle Catholic Primary School
School St. John the Apostle Catholic Primary School
Address 54-76 Kingbird Avenue
(cnr. Cottesloe Blvd.)
Tarneit West VIC 3029
Principal Simon Dundon
Phone 8754 4300
eMail [email protected]
Regional Colleges
McKillop College
School MacKillop Catholic Regional College
Address Russell Street, Werribee
Principal Rory Kennedy
Phone 8734 5200
eMail [email protected]
Thomas Carr College
School Thomas Carr College
Address 35 Thomas Carr Drive, Tarneit
Principal Dr. Andrew Watson
Phone 8734 2444
eMail [email protected]