A lonely seed falls on the barren ground.
Over it grows the long grass.
The air is hot and dry.
It looks around and in the distance sees a tall tree.
Could this be its mother?
One day it rains and slowly
it feels a change stirring within.
Slowly its roots start to reach out.
No longer does the grass tower over it.
It actually casts a shadow,
and can see that it now has a place.
As time goes by the seedling grows taller.
It gets its first blossom.
Birds and insects are attracted to it
and start to set up home.
A community forms which now relies
on the little tree for its future.
Children climb over it and play around it.
It offers shade from the hot sun
and shelter from the cold wind.
The branches reach higher and further.
No longer is the tall tree so far away, or indeed so tall.
From its new vantage, the tree sees far and wide.
It discovers trees of all shapes, sizes and colours.
There is a richness to life all around.

It begins to realise that it is part of something
 much bigger...
  ... as its first seeds fall to the ground.
Ben Minness
The Catholic Community of Wyndham Vale